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Many people who own a website want to rank higher in search engine results in a short time. The only way to do this is to do SEO, in other words Search Engine Optimization, which we have all heard recently. Until a short time ago, many search engines were producing results based on keywords for the website, so the importance of the keyword for the website was high. Today, most of us are aware that with the developing search engines, a single element such as keywords does not mean search engine optimization for SEO anymore. In order for a website to be search engine optimization, just like keywords, dozens of factors must be realized both inside and outside the site.

The main function of SEO is to impose the presence and content of your website on the search engines which presents the correct and original results to the visitors searching in the search engine. Today, Google, one of the most used search engines in the world, has stopped scanning pages like a machine and spends hours and days trying to understand pages as a human being. When faced with such a smart search engine, all of the work called SEO is actually the abbreviation of preparing a website suitable for your target audience. By working with professional web design companies, you can bring your website to a suitable position for SEO within a few months.


SEO optimization stands for “Search Engine Optimization” with the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”. The purpose of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex is to give users the most accurate results about their search. With SEO, websites can be ranked higher in targeted searches by making them suitable for search engine criteria. Thus, users see and visit the relevant website, which is ranked high among the results listed in their searches with search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex.

Search engines use an algorithmic structure when listing organic search results, so attention should be paid to these algorithms when doing SEO. The term of SEO has started to spread rapidly as a result of the increase in the economic power of the internet, the danger of extinction of many of the businesses that cannot exist on the internet and the competition.

In our opinion, the best thing in SEO optimization is to start to work with an analysis for SEO while configuring a website. The analysis ensures that the website is configured correctly from the very beginning by determining the search tendencies of the users in response to the services or products offered by the website. SEO should be handled in two ways, generally on-site and off-site. On-site edits help search engine bots (web crawlers) understand your site properly, while off-site edits create your website’s roots on the internet and links that point to you.

If we think of the website as a tree, Search engine optimization also means the roots of the website on the internet, so it should definitely be done by an expert. SEO that is not done by an expert or without using organic methods can cause irreversible results for your website. This situation can seriously endanger your corporate identity and online presence.


Businesses and people who want to take their place in the virtual world and protect this place prefer to get services from experts for SEO. The Google algorithm should be well analyzed, there should be no mismatch between the content and the keywords, too many keywords should not be entered, and the entry should be made by experts. The websites of the businesses whose SEO studies are very well done take place in the first place in Google searches. The earnings of the companies that are in the first place in the searches will be much more than the companies that are in the lower rank. Other advantages of SEO are:

  • It is a form of advertising that allows reaching the widest audiences at the least cost.
  • It brings businesses and individuals together with their target audiences.
  • It helps in creating a business plan.
  • It enables businesses and individuals to continuously develop and change.
  • It gives you and your business a virtual identity.
  • Being at the top gives prestige to your website.
  • Feedback is fast thanks to detailed reports.
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